Virtually Staging Your Home to Sell Above Ask

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A case study on how we achieved this with a listing

We all know that a picture is worth a 1000 words, but what if it’s also worth $10,000 more in your pocket? An independent study published in the Wall Street Journal found that professional property photos for a property increase the final sales price by thousands of dollars vs. those without it.

At KW all sales exclusives use a professional photographer to best  showcase your property and bring in a higher sales price.  However, sometimes even the nicest apartments need some help unlocking their true potential.  That’s when virtual staging makes your home more attractive.

We had one listing that was on the market for three months at $625,000 with no offers. This one bedroom unit was owned by a mother in her 40s living with a 10 year old that shared her room with her.

We knew the buyer would be a foreigner or bachelor as that was the target demographic showing up at open houses.

I commissioned a designer to digitally remove the furniture in the apartment and replace it with furniture that ‘fits a younger demographic in a feng shui style’. A week later we had a bidding war between 4 people. The buyer ended up being a single 25 year old from China who paid $10,000 above our final asking price.

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On April 18, 2014

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