Ariel Dagan

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Ariel has successfully closed over 300 transactions since he started his career in real estate. He specializes in marketing for The Local Team and works closely with landlords and sellers. Learn More

Where did you grow up?

I grew up in Turtle Bay in a building called 100 UN Plaza. My family sold their apartment when I was 12 and we moved to 80th and York.

What did your parents do?

My father is a jeweler / landlord and my mother is a homemaker. My dad grew up in Israel and my mom grew up in Iran – the conflict at home was worse than abroad.  They moved here in the early 70s when the Shah fell from power.

Do you have siblings?

Yes, I have one brother. He’s married and has twins named Adrian & Elizabeth that are 2 years old.  He works in commercial real estate.

What’s one word to describe yourself?


Where do you live?

I currently live in a new development in Chelsea.

Where are you looking to buy?

I’m looking to buy on the Upper East Side or Midtown East. Both areas feel like home to me.

How did you get into real estate?

When I was in high school I made a cold call to Joseph Moinian, the CEO of the Moinian Group. At the time he was the biggest developer in Manhattan. I asked him for a job and he gave me a position in the leasing office of one of his downtown buildings at 1 West Street, called The Ocean.

Why did you decide to leave Moinian and become a salesperson?

I worked there three summers, got promoted twice, and learned what I needed to learn. I had two choices – request a promotion for a corporate position or go off on my own to become a salesperson. In my final summer of college I chose to try the latter – I made more money in my first three weeks than I did in three summers working there. I figured I was good at this and stuck to it.

Why did you choose Keller Williams?

It only makes sense to partner with the largest brokerage company in the world. They have resources that no one else has.

You build websites what’s the story behind that?

I built these websites around the neighborhoods I wanted to focus on.  I built them to get ranked number 1 on Google so I can generate leads for my listings. If a buyer searches ‘Upper East Side Rentals’ or ‘Upper East Side Apartments’ on Google – it’s very likely they’ll land on my website.

What websites have you built?


Do you do any work outside of real estate?

When I’m bored I design products and pitch companies to license the designs from me.  I sold a squirt water bottle to a company in California that can mist your face when you turn it upside down.

What do you do for fun?

Read. Go to the gym. Spend time with my family and friends.

What are you currently reading?

I just finished reading ‘Ogilvy on Advertising’. Great book – highly recommend it.

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On November 19, 2014