PHASE V: From Negotiations to Closing

We’re confident that we’ll get an offer on your property and negotiate the best possible price. When this happens you will be presented all offers and we’ll work with you to complete the best possible deal for the sale of your home. We will use our negotiating skills to obtain the best price and terms that the property will command.  While receiving offers from brokers and direct buyers we’ll ensure that their offers are substantiated with adequate financial and pre-approval documentation. From here we’ll advise you whether to accept or decline an offer.

Upon acceptance we will facilitate the submission of the transaction details and offer terms to your attorney and all relevant building documents to the Buyer’s attorney for their due diligence review. This is to Ensure that all parties involved in the transaction (Seller, Buyer, Attorneys, Lenders, Appraisers, Managing Agents, etc…) are communicating and moving the sale forward as expeditiously as possible.  We’ll liaise with the Managing agent and their Transfer Department regarding the status and approval of the Board Package. We’ll make ourselves available to all parties to assist in the scheduling of the closing.  Finally we’ll conduct a final walk-through with the Buyers and address any issues that should arise.

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