PHASE I: Curating your Property

The first thing we’ll do is analyze the target market for your property and prepare a comprehensive comparative market analysis. This will allow us to price your home strategically, so you’re current with market and price trends and poised to capitalize immediately upon listing.  In the meantime we’ll advise on and help coordinate staging and cleaning to provide the best possible environment for viewing, focusing on the most important features of your home.  Next we’ll arrange for professional photography and floor plans to be created. Ariel will craft a descriptive and illustrative copy for the property.  Dan will invite an expert team of colleagues to assess the property to confirm proper pricing and strategize unique marketing opportunities. Together we will visit similar properties currently on the market to evaluate the competition and out position them.

With a good feel on our apartments’ features and benefits vs. similar competition, we’ll leverage our Marketing Department and have high quality marketing materials created. Such materials include factsheets, listing books, electronic and direct-mailing pieces, a calling list of potential buyers from neighboring buildings etc.  Before actually listing the property for sale to the general public, we’ll coordinate a special industry-only preview of the property for brokers specializing in the area with an open house to occur immediately in Launch Phase. We’ll do this to get brokers talking about it to their clients as an ‘off-market’ property that they can get access to before the general public.  This will create the type of buzz we need to get buyers excited to put in an offer. It’s critically important that we obtain copies of the offering plan, amendments, building financials, resale package, and other pertinent building documents.  We’ll do this to avoid any unnecessary delays when the time comes to actually sell the unit.

We’ll also make sure the building is pre-approved with key lenders/banks in order to properly qualify buyers when we are ready to accept their offer.

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