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Visitors in 2013 : 22,187

Pageviews in 2013 : 84,802

2013 Calls / Emails Recieved : 1,032

UpperEastSide-Rentals.com was built and is owned by the Local Team. No other team in Manhattan can list your apartment on this website other than us.

April 1, 2014

We Are #1…!

On Google Search for

‘Upper East Side Rentals’


Do you have an apartment on the Upper East Side? Who is your market? People looking to rent on the Upper East Side, of course. The majority of prospective tenants start their search on the internet. On Google, when you search Upper East Side Rental, we are the first organic result on the page that pops up.

Our site receives thousands of views and hundreds of inquiries a month from prospective tenants that are looking for exactly what you have. When you list we us we put your property on the home page.


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