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Number of agents : 95,000

Number of offices : 700+

Manhattan Agents : 350

April 1, 2014

How to get 88,000 Agents to Sell Your Home

Keller Williams Realty International… We’re 80,000 Agents Committed to Education and Training. Given our position in the marketplace it would be easy to boast about our company – more than 80,000 agents and 700 offices worldwide, national technology and customer satisfaction awards, and the only national brand with double digit growth.

However, let’s not overlook the expertise of the agent you’re about to hire as it’s just as crucial in the selection process.   That’s why Keller Williams Realty International has fully committed to the on-going education and training of our agents. In fact, we go as far to call ourselves a training and consulting company that also happens to be in the business of Real Estate.

With the real estate market changing so swiftly, from accessing real time data to the ever-changing technology landscape,  we feel it’s our obligation to ensure each agent exhausts every possible resource to best serve you, our client.  That’s why each office in our network has a dedicated training center and faculty made up of industry experts.  The training calendars are customized to meet the needs of the local marketplace and updated monthly to guarantee “Best Practice” methodology.

Some other things you should know when considering Keller Williams Realty International:

The Network: Over 90% of real estate transactions are co-brokered between two agents.  In addition to the exposure you’ll receive within the NYC brokerage your agent will leverage the power of the Keller Williams network of 80,000+ agents.   From Beverly Hills, Miami, Scottsdale, Vail, Toronto, and the Far East, your home will be in front of a worldwide network of experienced agents.

Technology: Our award-winning E-Edge technology allows our agents to manage the entire real estate process via one seamless platform leaving time to focus on what’s most important—the marketing and positioning of your real estate asset.

Education: In addition to the monthly training that takes place within each office, Keller Williams Realty International hosts dozens of national and regional conferences allowing agents to share “Best Practice” strategies that better support our clients.

Ethics: Keller Williams real estate professionals are taught from day one that all relationships with our clients must begin from a win-win perspective.   A relationship that begins with a benefit to both parties is one that will surely end on a positive note and develop into a long-standing partnership.

The ALC: Each office of Keller Williams has an Agent Leadership Council (ALC).  It’s like the company’s Board of Directors, the ALC consists strictly of agents.  This unique structure allows us to be very adaptable to our client’s needs.

Profit Share: Our company distributes half of the profits back to the agents.  This creates a tremendous sense of cooperation within our offices, and adds a great incentive for people to help one another.  A cooperative environment means you have the support and backing of our entire office!

At Keller Williams, we believe that you are only as good as the people you are in business with.  That’s why we make it a priority to be in business with the best. The Keller Williams philosophy of success through people and of seeking out win-win partnerships has fueled our company’s growth to the second-largest real estate company in the United States.

International Buyer Network: Backed by the resources of the largest real estate company in America with more than 700 offices and 80,000 agents, our network delivers exposure and referrals from all across the continent. So, whether your home’s next buyer is just up the block or moving to NYC from Los Angeles , CA or Fargo, ND, there is no real estate company in Manhattan better equipped to find and bring them to you.

At Keller Williams, Realty we believe that now is the time to bring our value proposition to markets across the globe. While many real estate companies are contracting and becoming more conservative, Keller Williams has an established network and a proven model that sets a framework for profitability in any market. We now have Market Centers across the globe with aggressive global growth planned for the coming years.

Thank you for considering Keller Williams New York City to represent your investment.  We look forward to many years of working together.



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